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invantive control | thé Teamleader Excel add-in

Manage your business with Microsoft Excel and Teamleader

Invantive Control is an Excel add-in for Teamleader. It's proven real-time reporting software which helps you to rethink and optimize your business from within Microsoft Excel. Using Excel formulas, Excel array formulas and blocks of data you easily retrieve information from Teamleader and you can even upload information from within Excel. You can use Pivot tables and charts based upon the data retrieved.

Invantive Control provides you with all the functionalities needed to make real-time business decisions. With the Excel add-in Invantive Control and Teamleader you will have all the functionalities you need to control your sales, custom relations management and service in real-time.

To log on: use the Teamleader group as USER NAME and API Key Token as PASSWORD. Find these on

Invantive Control supports more than 50 other data platforms and applications, such as Teamleader, Exact Online, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Magento webshop and many more.

"The Terms of Service" are displayed on first use for acceptance.

Your business in control

The All Cloud Edition of Invantive Control provides you with benefits such as:

  • Flexibility of Excel by an Excel add-in paired with the data integrity provided by Teamleader in the cloud.
  • Download facts from from Teamleader using an Excel add-in.
  • Real-time data from Teamleader using Excel formulas, array formulas and data blocks.
  • Design and edit custom reports as spreadsheets based upon Teamleader.
  • Create and execute analytical models from within Microsoft Excel.


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